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The Stain Lifter lineup

Our Products

We craft our formulas from natural, biodegradable surfactants with no toxins. They hate stains and odors, but love your skin and the environment.

Stankless Odor Eliminator

Marijuana + Smoke Odor Eliminator

STANKLESS formula instantly and naturally removes unwanted smells from air, fabric, and other surfaces

Area Rug Stain Lifter

Perfect for Heirloom Quality Oriental Rugs

Our formula breaks up and neutralizes the basic molecular structure of stains, giving them no chance to stay. Remove spills, spots and stains from all kinds of area rugs. Perfect for area rugs with natural fibers, wool, silk, jute, sisal, cotton, synthetic and viscose. Works on the most popular area rug brands in United States.

Pet Stain Odor Eliminator

Expels Stains, Bad Odors and Desinfects

Life happens. Our Pet Stain Lifter is there to make sure you have nothing to worry about when it does. Our modern technology and testing behind the formula of our products allow us to stay simple, safe and produce actual results.

Upholstery Stain Removal

Removes Tough Stains From Fabrics & Carpets

  • Removes spills, spots and stain
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and NPE-free
  • All ingredients listed for your safety
  • For automotive and household use