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Oriental Area Rug Stain Lifter

Perfect for Heirloom Quality Oriental Rugs

Our formula breaks up and neutralizes the basic molecular structure of stains, giving them no chance to stay. Remove spills, spots and stains from all kinds of area rugs. Perfect for area rugs with natural fibers, wool, silk, jute, sisal, cotton, synthetic and viscose. Works on the most popular area rug brands in United States.

area rug cleaner

The Go-Cleaner for All Rugs & All Stains

Not all rugs are created equal, nor any 2 stains are alike. We know every room in your home is different with its unique traffic flow and personality. That is why we created a cleaner that not only fits your lifestyle but performs exactly like you’d expect it to. The smart science behind this formula is friendly to use on any area rug.

The Science Behind the Formula

4 Key Fighting Elements Against Stains

Breaks up the bonding structure of stains

Neutralizes the PH & dyes from the stain

Odor cancelling molecules remove odor

Removing the stain to save the day

Why Area Rug Stain Lifter

Multiple Fiber Types

For use on wool, silk, jute, cotton, viscose, polypropylene, bamboo silk,– anywhere a stains happens, Oriental Area Rug Stain Lifter has your rug covered

Safe & Effective

Plant based, like water, non-toxic and safe around people and pets, and for the planet.

Natural & Biodegradable

A powerful blend of plant-based agents plus incorporating a natural zinc-based odor neutralizer that traps and eliminates odors

Trusted & Experienced

Our odor removing blend has been perfected over 30 years and is manufactured in the USA

Area Rug Stain Lifter

  • Removes tough stains for all are rugs
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and NPE-free
  • All ingredients listed for your family’s safety in mind
  • Simple to use Earth friendly formula


Water, biodegradable surfactants (for cleaning: lauramine oxide & alcohol ethoxylates), solvent (soy-based), citric acid, potassium hydroxide (pH builder), citrus essential oils (citrus sinensis), preservative (less than .05%)